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During the Great Recession, 32-year-old Jen Carrigan, a Silicon Valley art director, loses her job, then her home. Out of options, she packs up her dog and becomes a squatter in an abandoned mansion in the Santa Cruz Mountains. And that’s far from her only secret. When an unexpected holiday reunion with her estranged older sister drags the ghosts of the past into the present, Jen must reconcile half a lifetime of lies before her broken family disintegrates forever. But as she rises to that task, the mansion delivers one final, shattering surprise.  

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Four Seasons of Inner and Outer Beauty
Recipes and Rituals for Well-being Throughout the Year

Living in harmony with the seasons is a time-honored way to create balance and wellness. Discover simple, inexpensive rituals that help restore this important relationship, for a lifetime of health and beauty benefits. 

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